Our Fees

Member Discount

Members of AHK, Austrian Business Council, Swiss Business Council and Singapore Business Council will benefit from a 10 % discount on our fees.


Hourly Fees

Hourly fees are more favorable if the value exceeds app. €100.000. The lawyer’s hourly fee covers all work done by our staff in the office and elsewhere, except out of pocket expenses and Value Added Tax. Only the lawyer’s time is recorded to the minute.


Project Fees (Lump Sum)

Sometimes we work by the project or for a "lump sum” - mostly when the legal work can be defined with a reasonable degree of specificity. This may be the case for certain non-contentious work.


A retainer is simply a lump sum paid on a monthly or quarterly basis for legal services and represents a sound investment for a settled amount per month or quarter. In this respect organization’s employees are encouraged to regularly contact us via phone, email or fax to discuss matters with our lawyers as they arise, thus avoiding problems that could develop further at a later stage. Naturally, a retainer engagement must be tailored to the individual client. It is not appropriate in all circumstances.


We are always up-to-date on all changes and developments in business and tax laws at each of our locations. We counsel our clients in any legal questions for their day-to-day business. We understand to analyse any individual case and aim to achieve our clients’ goals ...
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