Why Strohal Legal Group

Choosing a law firm that you trust can be challenging, whether you are an individual hiring for yourself or an in-houselawyer or executive hiring for your company. There are literally thousands of law firms in the marketplace; telling the difference between them is tough. Here are some arguments that often set us apart:
  • We are a boutique firm and as such we do not employ hundreds of lawyers, we compete based on the value that a highly focused firm can offer. Rather than practising as ‘generalists’, we have chosen to specialize in a set of related practice areas. As a result, our lawyers have developed an outstanding familiarity with certain areas of law.
  • We respect clients’ legitimate objectives. We ask clients to rely on our independent legal advice, which is always geared toward minimizing client’s risk and maximizing value.
  • We charge reasonable fees. We have priced ourselves competitively and reasonably, taking into account the nature of our boutique practice, the focus, and knowledge of our lawyers, and the value they bring to legal transactions and proceedings. At the same time, we are not the low-price leader: you can find cheaper lawyers. However, we do not believe that you will find a better value.
  • We ensure transparency. Unlike many lawyers, we publish our hourly rates on the Internet.
  • We keep clients informed and involved in their legal matters. In fact, we consider ourselves as ‘partners’ with our clients- informing them of significant developments and asking them to participate in decision making. In short, we take a collaborative approach to the practice of law.
  • We maintain client privacy -an ethical obligation that we take very seriously. We believe that lawyers must respect the unique fiduciary relationship between themselves and their clients.
  • We are you’re experienced, local, international consultants offering legal counsel across Europe, Southeast Asia and the whole of the Middle East. We are also well connected to the Americas and North Africa through our international networks.
STROHAL LEGAL GROUP – Consider it solved.
Partner & Advisor. Our experienced team of international advocates and legal consultants can support you and your business in any needs you may have. Our focuses are Corporate Law, Establishment of Companies, Businesses and Properties, International Commercial Law, International Taxation, Labour Law, Immigration Law, Dispute Settlement, Joint Ventures, Inheritance Law, Personal Rights Protection, Intellectual Property. If you would like to discuss a particular legal matter, please feel free to contact us. Principally the first meeting will not be charged.