Almost any out-of-court settlement of disputes is more advantageous than a lengthy court procedure. However, if such a dispute cannot be avoided, we assist our clients in the selection of highly qualified lawyers and coordinate and monitor the proceedings. We also directly represent clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Dispute Resolution

We advise in business conflicts and represent our clients in out-of-court and the contentious settlement of disputes.

In particular, we provide support in:

  • Shareholder disputes,
  • Conflicts related to real estate and M&A transactions,
  • Claims for damages and actions for payment or performance of a contract, and
  • Infringements of intellectual property rights.

However, litigation is expensive, risky, and usually unpleasant for all parties involved. In all conflicts the primary goal should therefore be to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Therefore, we first of all assist in analysing the costs, risks, and chances of success of a conflict as realistically as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience with past clients, we have developed effective strategies while also being able to take into account new objectives. If a dispute cannot be settled out of court, we provide our clients with selected lawyers in ordinary court proceedings and monitor the proceedings. We also directly represent our clients personally in mediation and arbitration proceedings.


  • Advising a European client in a complex international inheritance dispute and fraud proceedings before local courts in the UAE
  • Advising a UK client in a mediation proceeding
  • Coordinating various court cases for European clients before local courts in the UAE


Jakob Kisser
Managing Partner UAE


Mennatullah Nasser Fawzy Abdlgayed
Legal Counsel


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