Today the Strohal Legal Group enjoys a well established reputation across Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and the GCC-region with a strong focus on international and cross-border business and real estate work.

We have subsidiaries in Singapore, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates and we work closely together with our associates in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Europe, esp. Austria. This is in addition to our established, successful partnership in Italy, Hungary, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. We trust in our collaborations to offer our clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East tailored legal counseling.



Our subsidiaries offer legal counselling in the UAE and the GCC-region focusing on corporate law, business law, joint ventures, real estate law, labor law and international tax law. Combining businesses in the Middle East and Far East may enhance tax benefits.
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Singapore has been a Strohal Legal Group subsidiary since 1994. This initial expansion made it possible to offer our clients more possibilities for legal counseling in the ASEAN region, with focus on corporate law, business law and international tax law.
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Yangon, Myanmar

South-East Asia has strongly developed its trading and business activities in the past decades. Strohal Legal Group has been operating in Yangon, Myanmar since 2012 believing that this country with over 50 million people will emerge as a new tiger in the region.
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The present office was founded in 1979 by Theodor Strohal and is the origin of Strohal Legal Groups’ work. The office in Vienna still remains an important hub for clients. As the only 100% Austrian owned law firm in the Middle East and South-East Asian region, we understand to tailor the right solutions for our clients across geographical boundaries.
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