Newsletter February 2022

Dear Friends and Clients,

This newsletter was ready to be sent out on 23 February. Then came the 24th. With that, all usually reported topics sank into obscurity.

Decades of peace and safety in most European countries suddenly came to an end. Today there is a war in Europe and the world has changed.

We are here for our families, friends and clients. Therefore, we encourage you to think about whether Europe is still the safe haven for you, your loved ones and your business. We are aware that other parts of the world are not safe either. But what is safe? In my view it is all about diversification.

Consider whether at the zero hour, you would be in a position to easily enter and live in another domicile without having to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Consider whether it would make sense, apart from your historical residence in Europe, to be welcome elsewhere at any time, to be able to live and work there, to send your children to school and to be able to live a life away from any turmoil.

I myself have obtained such rights of residence and work in four countries of the world and can choose where I want to live, without limitations to the duration of stay with the right to work and buy real estate.

So consider if now is the time to think about a second residence, to have a way out at hand that can be used at any time and without bureaucracy.

Standing on one leg can be dangerous, especially if the ground is not safe.

So create a second or third leg for yourself, advises.


Theodor Strohal

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