As entrepreneurial activity always includes tax aspects, a full-service business law firm must also provide tax advice. Our team will help you save taxes legally and is specialized in matters of international tax law.


Our team is specialized in international tax law matters. We help you to save taxes legally and to avoid unwanted surprises.

We assist companies and private individuals in planning and tax optimization of international activities as well as in expanding business activities abroad.

We advise private individuals on tax planning for their move abroad, on international inheritance and gift matters, as well as on tax structuring and consideration of foreign income.

Our consulting services specifically include the following topics:

  • Double taxation agreements: Taxation rights and avoidance of double taxation,
  • Reorganization tax law,
  • International restructuring,
  • Exit taxation,
  • Relocation of businesses,
  • Relocation of residence of private persons,
  • Residency test,
  • International succession planning,
  • International gifts and inheritances, and
  • Tax optimization models.

Through our offices in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Myanmar, and Thailand we can offer individually designed structures for legal tax avoidance. Our special expertise and the decades of professional experience are of particular benefit to our clients from high-tax countries.

We do not operate a branch within the EU and are therefore not bound by the restrictive consulting regulations of the EU. In particular, we are not obliged to report to the tax authorities when we support clients in restructuring their business.

For national issues, we cooperate closely with local tax consulting firms from our network.


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