Webinar by Dr. Theodor Strohal: Insolvency and Bankruptcy in South East Asia and Austria

Date: Thursday, 29th October 2020
Time: 6.00 pm (Singapore time)

Considering the current situation, many companies will no longer be able to meet their liabilities on time and/or in full. The webinar is intended to show ways that are open to companies and individuals in the event of such a crisis and also how to properly address the rights of creditors. What happens to the branch office in Asia if the European mother company becomes insolvent, or vice versa? What is the liability of the local manager? Are work-employment claims secured in insolvency? What rights do I have as a creditor to an insolvent company?

RSVP and Closing Date: Please confirm your reservation at the latest by 27 October 2020 via Mail to Monica Boringot: monica@slglaw.cc. The online link will be shared with all registered participants.


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