We are a team of specialists with decades of experience in domestic and international business, and our name with an excellent reputation in Europe, GCC countries and Southeast Asia guarantees the quality of our work.

We have been operating in ASEAN countries since 1994 and opened our consulting company in Thailand in 2019. Thailand is the second largest economy in the ASEAN region with promising economic figures and attractive incentives for investors. Our consulting company is a “Thai company” and therefore can act as a local partner in all business areas.

Strohal Consulting Thailand offers investors a one-stop-service service from one source. We offer market research consulting and have extensive experience and expertise to assist you in setting up a business in Thailand. Registering a business and opening a company in Thailand can be difficult for those unfamiliar with Thai laws and language. Our experience in dealing with complex issues and local conditions enables our international clients to find optimal and smooth solutions to all kinds of corporate and business problems. 


122/1 St. Andrew’s Golf Course Road, Moo 7
Tambon Samnakton Ban Chang
Rayong 21130, Thailand

T: (+66) 829058469
T: (+66) 945184695


Kanchana Strohal

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