We provide advice, guidance, and support to employers and employees on all aspects of individual and collective labour and social law. We also specialize in immigration law and advise on residence and settlement issues.

Labour Law and Immigration

We advise on all aspects of individual and collective labour law and human resource management – both in a national and international context.

Our clients include national and international corporate groups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as their personnel and management.

Main areas of consulting:

  • Preparation of employment contracts, including employment contracts for members of the board of directors and management,
  • Termination of employment relationships, in particular in the event of business liquidation and amicable terminations,
  • Acquisitions, restructuring and, outsourcing,
  • Management and employee participation programs,
  • Employee protection, questions of working time law, and
  • Coordination of legal disputes before labour courts.

We are specialists in immigration law and advise on residence and settlement issues such as obtaining entry permission/visas, work permits, and family reunions.


  • Advice on numerous manager and employment contracts and visa issues to European clients
  • Advice of a Dubai company on a comprehensive labour law restructuring


Jakob Kisser
Managing Partner VAE


Mennatullah Nasser Fawzy Abdlgayed
Legal Counsel


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